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The Periodic Table // Aromatope

in addition to the Forest Bathing workshop in Machine Wilderness, a spin-off programme by Judith van der Elst.


The Periodic Table: A two-day event – investigating and experiencing the ‘elemental’ tangibility of sensory design + sensory landscapes,

Montefeltro, Italy May 21-22, 2016

The event is closely and uniquely connected and interwoven with a workshop Aromatope and session as part of the scientific conference on biosemiotic-based Code Biology. Urbino May 23, 2016.

We believe that a new way of knowing is taking shape, where body and movement are no longer detached from the brain but central to processing information into new insights. This is where art and science practice begin to converge, and where art and design are in fact primary and prerequisite approaches for multimodal and intermodal knowledge strategies. We propose and organize a unique event (outdoor multimodal) and conference workshop, where traditional practices merge into new approaches, and art/design take the lead.

The event is a co-creation by Judith van der Elst and her core partners. It benefits other participating artists and scientists through opening up collaboration and knowledge exchange, and exposes general audience and local community to new ways of experiencing the cultural landscape of Montefeltro.

For more information, please email:  jvandere[at]icloud[dot]com