Machine Wilderness exhibition

exhibition and workshop programme at Amstelpark with participating artists Ian Ingram, Rihards Vitols, Jip van Leeuwenstein, Driessens/Verstappen

Date: 2o May/08 Juli 2018 @ Zone2Source in Amsterdam

More info: Machine Wilderness Exhibition

Machine Wilderness @ PiNG

Three day workshop by Theun Karelse with students and hackers in collaboration with Association PiNG and BeauxArtsNantes

Date: 06/08 December 2017 @ PlateformeC, Nantes, France

More info: PiNG

Artificial Ecologies

presentation and fieldtrip in the Venice lagoon with Roland Fischer, Paolo Rosso, Alice Smits, Ivan Henriques and Theun Karelse

Date: 20/23 October @ MicroClima in Venice

More info: Artificial Ecologies -Venice

Ecological Robotics, Biopolitics and Creative Practice

Ten day residency with 15 participants in collaboration with Migrating Art Academies (MigAA) with Theun Karelse

Date: 01/10 September 2017 @ Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuanian

More info: MigAA

Machine Wilderness @ Transmediale

panel discussion and workshop at Transmediale festival with Theun Karelse and Matthew Creasey

Date: 03/04 February @ Transmediale in Berlin

More info: Transmediale

Engineering the Future

Two day session with Ian Ingram, Matthew Creasey, Antti Tenetz, Spela Petric, Alice Smits and Theun Karelse

Date: 24/25 September 2016 @ Victoria and Albert museum, London

More info: Digital Design Weekendcommunication

Pixelache Workshop

workshop at Pixelache festival with Clemens Driessen and Theun Karelse

Date: 22 September @ Pixelache festival in Finland

More info: Pixelache

Ars Bioarctica expedition

Field work with Ian Ingram, Antti Tenetz and Theun Karelse

Date: 18/30 June @ Kilpisjarvi Biological Station in Finland

More info: Ars Bioarctica

The Periodic Table // Aromatope

in continuation of the Forest Bathing workshop in Montefeltro Italy by Judith van der Elst – including a Machine Wilderness workshop by Theun Karelse.

More information: The Periodic Table / Aromatope

Workshop Symbiotic Systems – by Ivan Henriques

Date: 29 to 30 April 2016 @ Zone2Source in Amstelpark

More info: Symbiotic Systems workshop

Forest Bathing Workshop – by Judith van der Elst

Date: 7 to 9 April 2016 @ Zone2Source in Amstelpark

More information: Forest Bathing workshop

Machine Wilderness Cornwall

in collaboration with FoAM Kernow nov 12/13 2015 @ Falmouth UK

More information: FoAM Kernow workshop

Machine Wilderness Symposium

an opening symposium in collaboration with Artis Academie Nov. 2 @ Artis Royal Zoo, Amsterdam

More information: Machine Wilderness Symposium

Techno-Ecologies: Art and Machines

Renewable Futures conference in Riga, presentations by Ivan Henriques, Alice Smits, Theun Karelse

Date: October 8-10, 2015 in Riga

More information: Techno-Ecologies, Art and Machines